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Be early to the next big thing.

Join a community with 1000+ curious builders and creators to discover the frontier of technology, innovation and creativity.

There's too much noise.

As technology accelerates, opportunities are skyrocketing for anyone curious and willing to learn. But the challenges are growing too.

The internet is overwhelming.

Opportunities are everywhere for the curious but, it can be overwhelming to know where to start.

Social media isolates us.

There's so much to learn but we don't have the support network we need to truly succeed and thrive.

Learning feels like work.

If exploring technology stops being fun, something's wrong. Learning should be rewarding.

Hyperfocused on being unfocused.

Shiny is as varied as your interests and as focused as your deep work. Build alongside passionate Shiny members. Obsess over the latest in tech and web3.

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Like-minded builders and creators

We're designers, devs, entrepreneurs and more all building towards a shared vision.

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Light-hearted fun and team spirit

Pursue your passion and laugh off your losses with people who want the best for you.


Next-generation builders work and play inside Shiny.

We're builders and creators. And it shows.

Some of the projects built by Shiny members and our alumni.

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