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Jan 24, 2023

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Jan 13, 2023

Meet Synthesia. Create videos with AI.

Jan 09, 2023


What's Shiny Right Now?

ChatGPT ⬆

OpenAI are taking over the world with it's crazy AI tools. If you're hearing about ChatGPT for the first time here then time to drop everything.

Midjourney ⬆ 

The number one AI image generation tool keeps getting better and better. Create any image you can describe with words. 

Short-Form Video Tools ⬆

With peoples attention spans coming in at an all time low, packing in as much info into as little time as possible is now the aim. Tools like Capcut are killing it.


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Two months into joining Shiny, I was all in on web3. I now work full time in it, feel up-to-date and have learned a ton from real experts with skin in the game.

Finn Lobsien - Marketing & Copy at Rarible


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