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newsletter Jan 24, 2023

G'day folks.

Have you ever heard about an investment in an investment referred to as 'multi-billion, multi-year? Nope, me neither...until yesterday.

That's what happened when Microsoft decided to bet the farm on OpenAI (link).

TLDR is rumoured to be a 10 billion dollar investment which will be used to take over the world. Half joke.

GG Sam Altman (Founder & CEO of OpenAI), jeeez.

Ready to mainline some shiny tech straight into the main vein?

Let's do it.



By now you've heard about AI writing text, answering questions and creating images but one of the next things that it's quickly mastering is video.

It's happening wayy quicker than I thought. The uncanny valley is coming.

This tool Fliki lets you generate videos from a script or log post in two minutes, it adds in a voice and edits the video ready to post on social.

One to add to the tool belt.


Ok folks, this a quick and easy banger for you.

Today we'll be removing something unwanted from the background of a photograph with Magic Eraser.

We've all got them right?


A collection of interesting resources found from the last 24 hours.

  • Aaron Ng uses Hyper + ChatGPT + AI Animation to create interactive avatar teachers (link)

  • AgentGPT - The easiest way to build AI apps (link)

  • Create perfect studio-quality product shots with Stylized (link)

  • Perplexity AIs underlying prompt got leaked, by itself (link)

  • The first AI-powered lawyer will 'attend' court next month in the US (link)

  • Porsche enter the NFT game, doesn't go to plan (link)

  • NFT platform Fair released a generative tutorial (link)

  • Bardeen released a tutorial on summarising newsletters (link)

  • Playground released a tool that can edit an image using text (link)

  • The former head of MENSA is tracking the achievements of ChatGPT (link)

  • Create undetectable AI-generated content with this combo (link)

  • Head of Product at OpenAI has left to fund startups (link)


One insight from the day before to stimulate the brain.

The one theme that has been running through my brain recently is how education has now changed. Not in a 'learn everything through TikTok' way but everything will be on-demand and personalised to the individual.

Need to learn something, a custom generated AI avatar teacher will teach you according to your language, age, attention span, ability and according to how you best learn.

Tools like Hyper: Vtuber Avatar Studio and Live3D could be in line to make a killing.


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