NFTs on Bitcoin Explained

bitcoin nfts Feb 21, 2023
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Bitcoin Ordinals are a recent innovation in the world of NFTs that allow for the creation of unique, human-readable representations of Bitcoin transactions. They are a way of representing Bitcoin transactions in a format that is easier to understand and share with others.

An ordinal is a sequence of words that can be used to represent a number or code in a more human-readable format. Bitcoin Ordinals work in a similar way, using a unique sequence of words to represent a Bitcoin transaction. This can be useful for keeping track of your own transactions or for sharing transaction information with others.

One recent innovation is the use of Bitcoin Ordinals to inscribe NFT data onto satoshis. This approach creates truly one-of-a-kind NFTs that are stored on the Bitcoin blockchain, making them resistant to censorship and tampering.

Overall, Bitcoin Ordinals are an exciting development in the world of NFTs, offering a new way to create, store, and share digital assets on the Bitcoin blockchain. By following the steps outlined in the guide, you can create your very own Bitcoin NFT using Ordinals and explore the exciting possibilities of this emerging technology.

Here's an simple guide on how to inscribe Bitcoin Ordinals NFTs:

  1. Choose a compatible wallet that supports Bitcoin Ordinals, such as Xverse or Sparrow. Ensure that your wallet has enough bitcoin to pay for the transaction fees.
  2. Select an online service that allows you to upload your data and inscribe it onto satoshis, such as Gamma or Ordinal. You can choose any type of data, such as text, image, audio, or video.
  3. Choose the data you want to inscribe onto satoshis and upload it to the online service. The service will then use Bitcoin Ordinals to inscribe your data onto the satoshis.
  4. Choose your transaction fee and confirm your inscription. The higher the fee, the faster your transaction will be confirmed by the network.
  5. Copy and paste the Ordinals address from your wallet and send it to the service used in step 2 to broadcast your transaction to the Bitcoin network.
  6. Wait for your transaction to be confirmed by a miner and included in a block. You can check the status of your transaction using an explorer that supports Ordinals, such as or
  7. Congratulations! You have now created a Bitcoin NFT using Ordinals. You can view, verify, and share your NFT with anyone using an explorer that supports Ordinals.

It's important to note that inscribing NFT data onto satoshis is a unique and experimental approach to creating NFTs. However, it is a great way to showcase the power of Bitcoin beyond just transactions and to create truly one-of-a-kind digital assets.

Overall, by following the steps above, you can inscribe Bitcoin Ordinals onto satoshis and create your very own Bitcoin NFTs.

You can find more information about these and other Bitcoin Ordinal NFTs by following these links:




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