Meet Rewind, the search engine for your life.

tool Jan 02, 2023
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Meet Rewind, the search engine for your life. Imagine if there was an app that recorded everything that you did on your computer. You could keep track of everything you looked at, wrote or coded without worrying about losing anything and you wouldn’t have to keep those 100 Google Chrome tabs open forever.’

Now, what if all that information was searchable….

That’s where Rewind comes in. Rewind is a time machine for your computer. It automatically records everything you do and lets you go back and revisit any moment with a simple search.

Rewind is able to record and recall written info and things like Zoom meetings!


Here are some of the benefits.


  • Never lose anything
  • Recall information instantly
  • Less focus on note-taking
  • Local storage, not in the cloud

There is however some privacy concerns which may be worth keeping in mind. 


  • Recording 3rd parties without their permission
  • Storing sensitive information
  • Passwords
  • Private keys
  • Passport numbers
  • Social security numbers
  • Family information
  • Device theft

Now on the site there is a visual addressing some safety concerns mentioning that certain apps can be excluded from recording but good to keep these front of mind when using apps like this.


After recently announcing a $10 million round led by a16z, is hiring for a number of roles.

  • Software Engineer
  • Product Designer
  • Customer Success Lead
  • more here.


AI will play a huge role in our future from now on and there will be tools that will augment every area of our digital lives whether we like it or not. Depending on if you are a tech optimist or pessimist this may worry or excite you. 

Personally, it's a bit of both.

I can see how this tool would come in handy for many people, especially developers and people who do a lot of online research. It would help to declutter your browser and your mind a bit. On the other hand I am concerned about some of the risks associated with it and would want to make sure I exclude any private or sensitive information before using it.

How do you feel about an app like Rewind?

At the moment Rewind is open for early access only so go to and pop in your email address to get in the queue.


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