Synthesis School and Synthesis Tutor - The Future of Education.

ai education Jun 28, 2023
Synthesis School and Synthesis Tutor - The Future of Education.


Welcome to the world of Synthesis School, an innovative online learning platform that's shaking up education with its team-based games and simulations for students aged 8 to 14. Co-founded by Josh Dahn and Chrisman Frank, a veteran educator and engineer from Ed-tech unicorn ClassDojo, Synthesis School is on a mission to transform education through artificial intelligence. In this blog, we'll dive into the background, products, funding, team, and future plans of Synthesis School, all while keeping things Shiny.

The Origin Story

Josh Dahn, the Elon Musk of education, previously created the Ad Astra school on the SpaceX campus. Chrisman Frank, the Tony Stark of Ed-tech, hails from ClassDojo. Together, they launched Synthesis School in November 2020, and by April 2022, they raised a cool $12 million in a funding round led by Balaji Srinivasan and Amjad Masad. Not too shabby, right?

The Synthesis Experience

Imagine a world where students aged 8 to 14 engage in team-based games and simulations, developing problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration skills. That's Synthesis School for you. With little to no parent involvement, students learn independently and take ownership of their learning process. Parents, fear not! You'll receive weekly updates and video snippets from your child's sessions to stay informed about their progress.

Enter the AI Tutor: Synthesis Tutor

Picture this: an AI-powered math tutor for children, launching in fall 2023. Synthesis Tutor will cover elementary math for children in 3rd through 5th grade, with plans to serve middle and high school students starting January 2024. The AI technology behind Synthesis Tutor is based on research funded by DARPA, which demonstrated significant improvements in student performance. Talk about a game-changer!

Transforming Education Through AI

AI is revolutionizing education by providing personalized learning experiences, automating repetitive tasks, and offering instant feedback. AI-powered tools like Synthesis Tutor analyze student performance data and provide tailored support to improve their grade. This personalized approach leads to better retention of critical information and a more engaging learning experience. Plus, AI provides instant feedback, allowing students to identify and correct mistakes quickly. Much better than waiting to get your work marked.

By incorporating AI into their platform, Synthesis School offers a unique learning experience that focuses on problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration skills. This approach not only prepares children for the challenges and opportunities of the future but also helps them develop relationships with peers from around the world, fostering human ingenuity and collaboration.

Future Plans and Beyond

Synthesis School is on a quest to revolutionize education by providing high-quality, personalized, and accessible tutoring for children. The platform is continuously expanding its curriculum and plans to serve a wider range of students in the coming years. As AI technology advances, Synthesis School has the potential to transform the way children learn and prepare them for the future.


Synthesis School is at the forefront of transforming education through the use of artificial intelligence. Their AI-powered Synthesis Tutor provides personalized and engaging learning experiences for children, leading to improved learning outcomes and increased engagement. As the platform continues to grow and develop, it has the potential to revolutionize education and prepare children for the challenges and opportunities of the future. So, buckle up and get ready for the ride, because Synthesis School is making education Shiny.







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