Wav2Lip-2 and Eleven Labs: Revolutionizing Video Translation

ai eleven labs voice synthesis wav2lib-2 Jul 17, 2023

Wav2Lip-2 and Eleven Labs Multilingual TTS: Revolutionizing Video Translation

In today's interconnected AI world, video content is consumed by a diverse audience that speaks various languages. As someone fascinated by emerging tech, you'll be excited to learn about Wav2Lip-2 and Eleven Labs multilingual Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology, which together enable the translation of videos into perfectly lip-synced videos in any of 100 languages!!!

Let's dive in.

What is Wav2Lip-2?

Wav2Lip-2 is an advanced lip-syncing technology that can accurately synchronize the lip movements of a speaker in a video with any target speech. Developed by researchers at the Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), this technology is based on deep learning and can work with any identity, voice, and language, including CGI faces and synthetic voices. The Wav2Lip-2 technology has been published in the ACM Multimedia 2020 conference and is available on GitHub.

Eleven Labs Multilingual TTS

Eleven Labs is a company that specializes in generative AI Text-to-Speech and voice cloning. Their latest offering, Eleven Multilingual v1, is a speech synthesis model that can generate speech in multiple languages using a single prompt while maintaining each speaker's unique voice characteristics. This model is based on in-house research and has the capacity to identify multilingual text and articulate it appropriately.

Combining Wav2Lip-2 and Eleven Labs Multilingual TTS

When combined, Wav2Lip-2 and Eleven Labs Multilingual TTS can revolutionize video translation by providing perfectly lip-synced videos in any of the 100 languages. The process involves the following steps:

  1. Transcribe the speech in the original video.
  2. Translate the transcribed speech into the desired language using Eleven Labs Multilingual TTS, which generates the translated speech while maintaining the speaker's unique voice characteristics.
  3. Use Wav2Lip-2 to synchronize the speaker's lip movements in the video with the translated speech.

This combination of technologies can significantly improve the viewer experience by providing accurate lip-syncing and high-quality translated speech, making the content more accessible and engaging for a global audience. Record once, publish infintely.

Potential Applications and Future Developments

The combination of Wav2Lip-2 and Eleven Labs Multilingual TTS has numerous potential applications, including:

  • Translating educational content for a global audience.
  • Localizing marketing videos for international markets.
  • Making films and TV shows accessible in multiple languages without losing the original performance nuances.

As AI technology continues to advance, we can expect further improvements in video translation and lip-syncing capabilities, making it even easier for content creators to reach a global audience.

All in all, Wav2Lip-2 and Eleven Labs Multilingual TTS are powerful technologies that, when combined, can revolutionize video translation by providing perfectly lip-synced videos in any of 100 languages. This combination has the potential to make video content more accessible and engaging for a global audience, opening up new opportunities for entrepreneurs and technologists alike.

For applications, check Syncronicity by Prady.


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