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Shiny x SuperSea Partnership

We're over the moon to announce that we've partnered with one of the leading NFT tools in the space! SuperSea has been one of the must have tools to have in the arsenal of keen NFT buyers and traders within Shiny so it's a pleasure to bring this perk to Feather NFT holders.

"The free SuperSea Chrome extension adds a number of features to make it more convenient, fun, and profitable to browse the OpenSea marketplace. Try it and you will see how!"

Here are the details of the partnership.

For Shiny Feather holders, you will get 1 year of access to SuperSea following a 'time held' period that is depending on the type of Feather NFT you hold.

  • Glass unlocks SuperSea immediately (once live).
  • Iridescent after 15 day held.
  • Gold after 30 days held.
  • Copper after 45 days held.
  • Metal after 60 days held.

Your SuperSea access will begin once the unlock hold period has passed, not at the time the Feather is obtained.

Example 1 - You mint a Gold Feather, 30 days pass (the hold period for that rarity), access granted to SuperSea for 1 year from the last day of the hold period.

Example 2 - You buy a Feather on the secondary market for the shorter unlock period, it is still subject to the relevant hold period before unlocking SuperSea for the remaining available time period.

We came up with way of unlocking perks overtime as a way to both reward long term holders over time and also takes into account rarity of NFT. This is the first of many perks which will be layered on in a similar format. Just a heads up ;)

In return for SuperSea granting access to Feather holders, Shiny will provide support to SuperSea in the form of Discord Community Management and Social Media resources to help grow and manage the SuperSea community.

Thank you to Sub and the SuperSea team for being such a big part of Shiny!

Time to snipe some NFTs.

Note - "The holding period begins on the day the feather enters your wallet. If you transfer your feather, this waiting period will reset. If you sell your feather, you will lose access to SuperSea."